free man mc is driven by
observing savage, man-made and man-chosen inequalities. We contribute in fighting these inequalities, especially those related to access to free quality education for people at the margins of the society.

free man mc aims
at empowering people and organisations, enlarging responsiveness, transparency and accountability in organisations and reducing unnecessary complexity.

Core activities

  • advising national and local governments and non-state educational providers in such challenges as
    •  bridging the gap between education and the labour market
    •  improving quality under a pressurised budget
    •  reaching out to the ‘un-reached’, in particular girls
    •  devolving powers, public - private partnership
    •  strengthening responsiveness, transparency and accountability
  • assisting civil society organisations, unions and churches in re-thinking their position in the education landscape, and then supporting these organisations with re-strategising, re-programming and restructuring
  • supporting national and local governments and non-state educational providers on the development of educational management information systems (EMIS) and planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) mechanisms
  • developing programmess for professional development of educational management (EMD) and for institutional strengthening of providers of training courses for educational authorities, schoolmanagers and the inspectorate
  • redesigning of education as a consequence of ICT developments;
  • fact-finding, feasibility studies, evaluation (mid-term, end) and backstopping missions.